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Mobi2GO Reseller and Partner Program

Adding Mobi2GO’s QR Code and Mobile Marketing services to your current sales offering is a great way to create new revenue streams for your business. Mobi2GO works as your strategic partner to help you deliver effective mobile marketing solutions to your clients; and by serving as a back-end design, production, and mobile fulfillment service, you are free to create your own pricing schedule and deliver mobile solutions directly to your clients.

Partner Discount: Production and design rates.

Standard Mobile Landing Page: A state-of-the-art mobile web page with an easy-to- use graphic interface. Customization includes the customer’s own logo, choice of button colors, and up to five links connecting users to their choice of social media pages, contact information, phone, email, websites, mobile photo galleries, videos, and more.

Custom Mobile Landing Page: Delivers all of the features of the Standard Mobile Landing Page, along with an enhanced, custom-designed background image that utilizes artwork, color, design, images, or photographs.

Embedded Video: Adding a mobile video immediately transforms mobile landing pages into a rich and engaging media experience. Mobile videos can significantly increase the number of QR code scans and user engagement, and can be programmed to load on the initial visit and then automatically transition viewers to the mobile page for quick access to more information.

Mobile Gallery: Easy to navigate with “thumb-flick” functionality and programmed for cross-browser visibility, a mobile gallery delivers compelling product and service images with descriptive content to smartphone visitors.

Standard Analytics: A dashboard view of campaign metrics and visitor traffic delivered monthly by PDF. More detailed reports available.

Custom-designed QR Codes: Augment scanning and click-thru by transforming standard, black and white QR codes into branded, digital signatures with the addition of color and an embedded logo. Fully customized QR code design, including highly modified shape and appearance, to be estimated.